Signed Sulka Scottie Dog Cufflinks

$1450.00 USD  Item: 1237

Although Scotties have been represented in art since the early 16th century they weren't introduced to the United States until 1883 according to the American Kennel Club. Known for their tenacity, the Scottish Terrier was originally a working farm dog who eventually became a treasured family pet due to its loyalty, intelligence and energy.

Sulka, founded in NYC in 1895, was long the favorite haberdashery of the carriage trade. Signed Sulka, these 14kt yellow gold double-sided cufflinks depict the dignified and reserved Scottie, outside on the lawn, tail up, ears and eyes alert and focused. The English version of this style is commonly known as a reverse carved crystal. This is the American version which uses cast pieces placed on a mother-of-pearl background after being hand painted and then covered with a domed crystal.

Condition: Good with a bit of dust under the crystals
Measurements: 1/2" ; 11/16" end to end
Gross Weight: 6.8 dwt; 10.6 grams
Circa: 1920-1940; American in origin