Asch/Grossbardt Tiger's Eye & Onyx Earclips

$1125.00 USD  Item: 1495

Inspired by the Renaissance artisans who created Florentine mosaics, for over 2 centuries the Asch Grossbardt families have been producing fine jewelry. Later, they introduced mosaic patterned jewelry that resembles the treasured pieces of mosaics or Pietre Dure, and this exceptional work is what they are now most noted for worldwide. These 14kt yellow gold earclips consist of black onyx and tiger's eye in an organic design. Extremely comfortable, versatile, and perfectly sized, they will go with almost any outfit, from jeans to that little black dress! Clip earrings that can easily be made into pierced. Currently retail for $1825

Condition: Excellent
Measurements: 5/8" by 1/2"
Gross Weight: 6.3 dwt; 9.7 grams
Circa: 2007