Unusual Art Deco Gold Enamel Earrings

$2050.00 USD  Item: 1598

At first glance, this pair of fabulous drop earrings appear to be from the late Victorian era but the addition of the bold lines of green and black enamel are the giveaway. Art Deco jewelry is characterized by strong linear lines of equally strong color. The emergence of the early days of Art Deco is evidenced in the bold design of these 14kt yellow gold bullet shaped earrings. (The early period of Art Deco ran from 1915 to 1929 so it is not at all surprising that the Victorian style overlapped with this later style.) Imagine a flapper enjoying the sexy and modern look and feel of these; the chain makes their movement very fluid. You'll feel oh, so feminine wearing these. In a word, these are rare, unusual and spectacular!

Condition: Excellent
Measurements: 2" drop from post back
Gross Weight: 2.9 dwt; 4.5 grams for the pair
Circa: 1915-1920