Etruscan Revival 15kt Gold Earrings

$1450.00 USD  Item: 1528

After the archeological discoveries of the Roman, Egyptian and Estruscan sites in the 1800s, these styles were revived in painting, architecture and jewelry. In jewelry, this is characterized by fine granulation (very small beads applied to the surface) and filigree (plain or decoratively twisted wires). (An historical piece of interest: Castellani was the most adept and hence most well known jeweler who was also the first to discover how to reproduce the technique of granulation.) These earrings are a simple yet lovely example of Etruscan Revival jewelry using filigree wire. The epitome of Mid Victorian Era jewelry yet very modern in their simplicity. Unmarked and acid tested to 15kt yellow gold.

Condition: Excellent; slight wear on reverse
Measurements: 11/16" in diameter
Gross Weight: 2.1 dwt ; 3.3 grams
Circa: 1880