Classic Victorian Onyx and Gold Earrings

$1650.00 USD  Item: CERA1001

When Price Albert died in 1861, Queen Victoria went into an intense period of mourning for her beloved husband; she was devastated writing "How I, who leant on him for all and everything—without whom I did nothing, moved not a finger, arranged not a print or photograph, didn't put on a gown or bonnet if he didn't approve it shall go on, to live, to move, to help myself in difficult moments?"

The Queen turned mourning into her chief concern and mourned for the next 40 years wearing black in her seclusion as well as on the rare instances she did make a public appearance. The world followed suit - jet, ebony and onyx set the tone in jewelry with the occasional addition of pearls and diamonds.

These black onyx kite-shaped earrings are most likely American and show that Queen Victoria had a worldwide following. Set in 14kt yellow gold with the original screw backs ensuring a secure fit, they are topped with a traditional trefoil design with a lovely scroll pattern below.

Condition: Excellent
Measurements: 2 1/2" in length
Gross Weight: 11.8 dwt (18.4 grams) for the pair
Circa: 1880-1890